LendInvest buy to let mortgages

LendInvest buy to letVision Finance has been working with the LendInvest bridging and development teams since their inception. We like the way they work and it was welcome news when LendInvest entered the buy to let market.

LendInvest BTL offers borrowers market leading rates, and market leading service. In summary we like the way they operate and often recommend them to our clients.

Rates are typically under 4%, and importantly these rates can be fixed for up to 5 years. In the current economic environment a low interest rate which is fixed for 5 years should be considered by all property investors.

LendInvest buy to let products are very generous when it comes to the LTV they offer. As LendInvest are not a bank they have more flexibility in their underwriting, which means the stress testing they look for is less onerous than a bank’s stress testing. What does this mean for you? It means you can obtain a higher loan-to-value and often at a cheaper interest rate than from most other lenders.

LendInvest buy to let is also a great option for first time landlords. First time landlords can often struggle to find willing lenders at attractive rates. However LendInvest have appetite to lend up to 70% LTV for first time landlords. Landlords with previous property experience can borrow up to 80% LTV.

If you have a property investment portfolio and you would like to speak to us about LendInvest or indeed other lending options please do not hesitate to call our investment team on 0207 206 2500, or email investment@visionfinance.co.uk