Shawbrook bridging finance increase LTV to 75% for residential loans

Shawbrook have announced they are now offering 75% LTV on residential bridging finance. This is great news for borrowers!

Shawbrook have long been the cheapest provider of bridging finance, offering borrowers the lowest bridging loan rates. However, until now, they only offered loans up to 70% LTV.

As well as this increase in loan to values, Shawbrook have also announced a new market leading rate. For residential bridging loans which are less than 50% LTV, they have reduced the rate to just 0.59% per month.

Shawbrook continue to develop their products, and keep their pricing at market leading levels.

Vision Finance continues to work closely with the team at Shawbrook Bank. If you are seeking bridging finance to be secured on residential property, then a Shawbrook bridging loan may be the ideal solution. Like the majority of leading bridging finance lenders, Shawbrook require all borrowers to speak with one of their selected partners – of which Vision Finance is. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on 0207 206 2500