Large bridging loans

Vision Finance specialise in large bridging loans and complex transactions. We offer sophisticated advice to borrowers who require specialist short term finance.

A bridging loan is a short term lending facility, secured against property or land by way of a first or second legal charge. Borrowers typically require a bridging facility when the property does not meet conventional lending criteria, or to meet tight deadlines.

As bridging loans can only be used on a short terms basis, usually for less than 12 months, Vision Finance bring in the expertise from our Investment Finance team and we will actively work alongside the borrower to ensure the loan is refinanced as soon as possible, and longer term finance is raised.

Vision Finance is based in central London and this provides us with unrivalled access to the large number of short term specialist lenders, specifically those which specialise in high value, sophisticated, large bridging loans.

Large bridging finance loan facilities are increasingly being used by High Net Worth individuals. As private banks and traditional lenders have scaled back lending, especially where a property requires substantial work, a number of bridging finance providers have filled the void. We actively work with highly reputable and well-funded lenders who now lend up to £25 million, and have the ability to lend even larger amounts.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with an advisor to discuss your transaction. We do not believe in telephone relationships with our clients, and so we meet all of our clients in order to build long term relationships. Contact us on 0207 206 2500 or email to arrange a meeting.